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Your reach out to a client via DM or cold email

Client looks you up online and can’t see your company anywhere

Client asks if you have a website and you say no

Client asks to see your portfolio and you don't have one (or you send a few links to your Google Drive which makes you look like an amatuer who’s just getting started)

Client ghosts you because they don’t trust you, so you have to send more cold emails, cold calls and DMs to find more clients

Without a website you’re missing out on free Google traffic and you can’t easily advertise with PPC or Facebook

Without a website you’re at risk if you ever get deplatformed or if the place you rely on to get clients suddenly goes down the toilet!


We build your website and agency for you

Clients see your website in your email signature

Clients see your portfolio and are WOWED by the videos!

Our ready-made website content brings you free Google traffic that builds trust and wins you clients

You use the Agency Upgrade Kit to allow 2 other team members access to VidAmaze to do the videos while you sit back and collect passive income

You’re protected with contracts so you can avoid angry clients or legal issues!

You have an agency that’s 99% automated and allows you to scale it to 6 figures without any of the usual stress!

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When you’re offering these exciting new TriggerReel videos to clients, the first thing they’re gonna do is as if you have a website. Clients want to see that you are legit and not some fly by night marketer out to make a quick buck off them. That’s why your new agency needs a professional website that helps you win trust, get free Google traffic and convert visitors into paying clients!


We’ll build your client-winning portfolio for you so you don’t have to! Your portfolio will win trust and get clients kicking down your door to buy from you.

We’ll load it full of ready-made Trigger Reel style videos that showcases their power and does the selling for you!  We’ll even create the portfolio videos for you too!


We’ve figured out exactly what types of content will attract dream clients, get ranked in Google and even go viral… and we’ve created the content for you and will load it into your website so it’s ready to get you traffic and clients from day one! 


With 2 team member accounts inside your VidAmaze software you can turn your agency into a passive money making machine with your team doing the client work while you sit back and relax!


Stay protected from bad clients, legal issues and projects that go off the rails with ready-made contract templates to cover your back, set expectations and make working with clients a breeze. Don’t pay $100’s for a legal expert or contract writer, we’ve done all the work for you!

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No More Steep Learning Curves Or Crazy Costs

No More Guessing What Might Work With Your Agency

No More Working Evenings And Weekends Setting Up Your Portfolio Or Creating Website Content

No More Worrying About Clients Making Your Life Difficult

No More Losing Clients And Money Because You Didn’t Have A Website And Couldn’t Win Their Trust

To Build Your Agency The Hard Way!

If you outsource your website, content, portfolio building and legal contracts to some freelancer, how much would that cost you?

Well, we’ve already checked… and it’s THOUSANDS.

A basic website is $100’s (if you’re happy with some cheap looking template that will probably break on you in a few days.)

Some basic content is $100’s more (if you want nasty content written by some robot that barely makes any sense.)

And building your portfolio, writing up contract templates and fiddling with all the website settings to get your agency live? Well, that’s easily another $500…

Don’t Pay $1500

You Could Be Paying Over $1000 Just To Get Your Agency Set Up…

… not to mention weeks of back and forth trying to find, hire, negotiate and work with freelancers who might not get it right the first time, or even the fifth time!

No thanks, I don’t want an easy path to a six figure agency and

I’d rather do all the work and take all the risk on my own shoulders

We’ll build you a highly effective video agency that’s based on what’s working and built by experts who know what it takes to succeed with a video agency!

We understand the power of Trigger Reel style videos and exactly how to build an agency for you that brings you traffic and clients all day long!

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Let Clients Come To You!

With your own agency website, you can enjoy free Google traffic and run ads to your website… without relying on DM & email to reach out to clients every day!

Make More Sales!

When clients look you up online or ask to see your website, you can show them that you’re the real deal with a glowing portfolio that leaves them begging to hire you! No more getting ghosted and constantly chasing more clients to win their business!

Never Worry About Getting Cancelled Or Deplatformed!

We’re living in a world where people are getting cancelled and banned from social media, groups, forums and communities for NO REASON and without warning.

Can you afford to take that risk with your video agency? With your own website, you control your business and nobody can take it away from you!

Run Your Video Agency The Easy Way!

With team member access you’ll be able to offload daily tasks so you can enjoy a more passive income. And with contracts, you can stay protected from any nasty clients who want to give you a hard time. 

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